I would like to give credit to the following people/companies for making this web site possible.

Web Page Programming

First, I would like to thank everyone involved in the Apache Software Foundation open source projects, especially everyone that works on the Apache Web Server and more importantly PHP. Without PHP this web site would be completely boring to make and to look at. But, every idea I have is a challenge and a learning experience, and every new idea makes the site just a little more interesting to look at (I hope!). When I finish building the site, I will make most of the source code available for those who are interested.
I would also like to thank the many different web sites and programmers that have made their JavaScript code available on the net. One day when I have more time I will make a list of the web sites that I have used for help and new ideas.

Web Page Grammar and Spelling Corrections

My mother helps me with the English section when it comes to grammar and spelling. I tend to make mistakes every now and then, and she always helps me with suggestions and corrections. Thanks mom!
I wrote the German version of this web page myself. However I had someone read through the German and correct my mistakes. Thanks Simone for your help!

Web Page Design

I would like to acknowledge Microsoft Corporation for their new operating system Windows XP, which was my inspiration for the web page design. Even though I personally prefer Windows 2000 Professional, I really like the color scheme Microsoft uses on XP. Just as XP was released I was able to use it a little and found all of these great buttons that seemed just perfect for a web page. The first thing I did was make the JavaScript for the site navigation using the XP buttons. A few months later (probably a year earlier) Microsoft had the same idea and reorganized their web site.

Web Page Pictures

Most of the pictures of my travels were taken by me with either my Nikon Coolpix 995 digital camera. The pictures of my niece Alisi were taken with either my Nikon, my mother's old Kodak digital camera, or her new Nikon Coolpix.
I made a number of the early thumbnail pictures using an online program called "The Online Thumbnail Wizard" from Pegasus Imaging. That disappeared a while back so I started using IrfanView to do all of the picture editing. It is a great freeware picture editor and I highly recomend it!

The Hepler Family Crest

I took the Hepler Family Crest directly from the Hepler web page, maintained by Jack Paul. I cleaned up the crest, made the colors clearer and made the background transparent. I took away the banner that said "Hepler" from the small picture and from the "favicon.ico", which you can normally see if you are using Internet Explorer and you bookmark this page. (I have seen that this does not always work like Microsoft says it does.)

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