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On Saturday, June 21st I road south from my apartment to a town in the Allgäu Region called Ottobeuren. Simone was there for the weekend with her orchestra getting ready for a concert that evening.

I left my apartment at around 9:20am. From my apartment, I went down to Kemptener Street and turned left (South) for about 1 KM. From there I turned left (east) toward Wullenstetten. From Witzighausen I turned south toward Illerberg & Thal. I had expected to find a bike trail, mainly because my ADFC (German Bike Club) Map for the area around Ulm showed that the road was a bike trail, and part of it was supposed to be part of the ADFC suggested bike trail to Kloster Roggenburg. I believe that I may have made a wrong turn in Wullenstetten (I did not have my ADFC map with me but instead copies of another map). The road was not busy though and I was riding in the right direction. Eventually I found my way to the trail, which also turned out to be mostly road and not a side trail.

I originally planned to make a few stops every now and then, but ended up only making two stops before Babenhausen: the first was to take a few pictures of the castle in the village (not too far into the ride) and the second to get money from my bank before I left the county and had to pay an ATM charge. Every now and then I had to take a look at the maps, but not for too long. After a while I found the first alternate route that my ADFC Bike Map for Ulm the surrounding areas showed as being a bike route.

I got to Babenhausen just before noon. I went up to the castle and the museum was just closing, which was not a problem. If I had stopped, I would have been in Ottobeuren a lot later than what I had planned. I looked in the court yard for a second, then made my way towards Klosterbeuren. Once I made it to Klosterbeuren I took a short lunch break. I ate an apple, drank some water, and studied the map. I did not want to take the road towards Günz, but instead the Günztal Bike Trail. I backstepped about 50 meters and went up the hill towards the trail. I stopped up top and took a few pictures of the Castle from a distance, and then went down into the valley and found the Günztal bike trail right away (the word Tal means valley in German). I turned right (south) onto the trail and followed it for a little while through Egg and Lauben. In each village I had to check the map because the signs where not always clear or even to be seen.

I left the trail in Rummeltshausen and went from Günz to Unter and Oberwesterheim. Once I started heading south again I was a little unsure of my map. My Ulmer bike map stops at Oberwesterheim. The map copy I had was pretty old, and I did have a few problems finding my way, but I don't really think there were too many other ways than the way I came. I went up the hill towards Kloster Wald. It was around 2pm and it was getting really hot. I did not make it up the hill and had to get off and walk to the top. Once I got there I found that the road I had to take was even higher than the village, and so in a quick decision I decided to follow a trail sign that had Ottobeuren as the destination. It looked level, was in the trees, and started out looking like a mountain bike trail. It turned into a hiking trial which was not too easy to ride on. The only good things about it were that it stayed in the forest and I did not have any major hills to go up.

Once I got out of the forest, there was a steep downhill path that was paved for tractors. The little road was not very clean and I was going almost too fast for it. I continued to follow the trail signs and they led me into a grassy field. At that point I could see the church in Ottobeuren so I knew I was close. However, I could not ride any further because the trail was just a grass trail in a field. I walked for a couple of minutes and finally was able to ride on the hiking trail again. The last 5 Kilometers from Kloster Wald to Ottobeuren took almost 45 minutes and were the hardest 5KM of the whole trip.

Once I got into town I just made my way towards the church, which is hard to miss. I have been to Ottobeuren 2 times before, and so I knew exactly where I had to go to. I got to the restaurant at about 2:15pm. Simone and the rest of the orchestra were already there. I had to order extra, because the group was being treated to lunch by the restaurant (they eat there every year and the owner wanted to thank them for coming). I ate lunch and we went back to the youth hostel. I put my bike inside and we went "Kneippen", which is walking through a small pool of cold water after doing something physically active. Unfortunately my legs where already cold and it did not do as much good as it could have. A group from the Orchestra was there and after we had all walked through the water a few times we all laid down in the shade and relaxed for a while.

We all headed back to the youth hostel and had dinner. After dinner I put my biking jersey back on and started off for the train station in Memmingen. The trail was pretty good from Ottobeuren to Memmingen - the trail signs where pretty good and it was mostly down hill. Once I got into Memmingen, getting to the train station was a little confusing, but I found it with more than enough time to spare. The station is on the southeast side of Memmingen, which was good because that is the side I came in on. I took the train that stops in Senden. I had to wait a little longer than I had expected, because another train was delayed but that is normal these days with the Deutsche Bahn. At least I was able to load my bike onto the train and sit. I was pretty tired after the fast ride from and the long ride to Ottobeuren.

Overall, it was a nice ride and I would like to ride more of the Günztal bike trail and perhaps more through the Allgäu as well.

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